Machine Control Terrain Modeling is a service that we provide that allows heavy equipment such as a Bulldozer to use GPS and other types of guidance to build a site based on a 3-D model. The blade on the front of a bull dozer will actually move up and down and tilt automatically following the terrain model.

United PDM has experience in successfully providing Digital Terrain Model (DTM) data for machine control use for several years. Our experience consists of many types of projects including mass grade earth work and ponds, subdivisions, shopping centers, various types of roadways and high speed expressways.

Some of the more complex terrain models have consisted of multi-lane expressways with up to six (6) separate super elevated roadway elements at any given station. Our 30 plus years of land survey and construction layout experience allows us to find and report design problems before your project begins. Many of our clients employ their own layout surveyors.

Our services also include supporting those layout surveyors by purging, verifying and organizing CADD data together with DTM information for data collector layout use. We also assist with many other types of support for your surveyors. Initial survey control verification and supplementation is a critical part of all construction projects. Many contractors take advantage of our control network survey services. This service will allow you to resolve control problems before a project begins and to hit the ground running. If you use Trimble Machine Control equipment and allow us to provide a control network survey, you can avoid spending the time on a GPS site calibration by using ours. Our control network survey will provide many verified control points that will allow your surveyors and machines to check and confirm operations.