Control surveys establish a common, consistent network of physical points that are the basis for controlling the horizontal and vertical positions for projects and facilities. Often, control networks are used years after they are originally installed.

Over time, control networks can become disturbed and accuracies diminish to the point of causing problems. Other problems can be caused by the original installation of the control network having errors. You can trust United PDM to verify and correct a control network before it is used for site development. Our control network surveys are often used by contractors to guide many trades into a common system when multiple survey firms are used on a project. This prevents problems caused by old disturbed control networks.

Our control networks are also often used for machine control. Some machine control networks extend for miles while others are used on small sites. Machine control guidance often uses GPS to guide the machines over a digital model. Robotic guidance is also used on construction sites. Both GPS and Robotic machine control requires accurate control networks and you can trust United PDM to deliver.

When control network surveys are verified by United PDM, the construction project takes on a more accurate nature all the way through the as-built phase. This makes for a clean project close out without discrepancies.